E.J. Gold On The SuperBeacon & Matrix

One of the interesting things that was turned up by the recent Matrix Workshop is that it's possible to manipulate quantum effects by mental direction.

Another is the use of "Unlocking Postures" in the presence of your altar matrix. This is a very powerful process.

Still another interesting item is the use of browser games in relation to Matrix and the SuperBeacon, as direct-experience shamanic training devices.

AskMatrix offers a hardware and software solution for directed "Soul Training"

We each have a path we must follow -- traversing its winds and turns as they present themselves. However, some skills require a focused formalized method for proper training. The AskMatrix combination of hardware and software does just that.

These skills while rooted in the higher manifest benefits throughout all aspects of our lives. The following testimonial speaks well to this point:

"I'm having some positive results with the Matrix trainer. I have to take time to send in my comments.

I have been setting it on my desk at home or at work whenever I have occasion to try to work out a solution to a problem, such as in business meeting or a discussion of domestic issues at home. Also, I use it when I.m watching the workshops, or discussing work ideas with my friends, The effect is that everyone present has amazing fits of insight.

We have breakthroughs in understanding each other, new Ideas come up in the form of flashes of realization, or people will suddenly reach a breakthrough in communication. I see people jump to a higher level of communication, suspending their core negative attitudes and beliefs, begin to cooperate and share ideas, become open to new concepts that they normally would not entertain, even in a weak moment.

I also like to have it nearby when I.m reading. I even have lit the sand candles behind on the bedside table it before I go to sleep.

My take is that we may be accessing our PUPS, or some storehouse of seldom accessed data. Or maybe

We are accessing some collective consciousness zone. All those slipstream amulets remind me of the wires in a hard drive cable.

This is a helpful apparatus to say the least."

Check out the F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) for more information.